Cute dog, French bulldog, Boston crossGratutitous dog photo. This is George. He stayed over recently.

I did some more work on the Sampler course this week. Mostly aesthetic now. I am going to add the section(s) on assessment and grade center back in, finish up with some images and then hopefully a peer review and done.

I have a project to work on now with regard to access and open at the college. I’ve started outlining in Google docs and making plans to map out the three parts of what will become a report.

I have been doing some Instructional Design lately and while I still consider myself an Instructional Designer I haven’t really been flexing those muscles much. I’m seeing things differently  and noticing nice organization when I see it.  Two things that stood out recently : (one)  a very long pdf that had colour coding – the first page of a section was all one colour and each page of the section had a bar of the same colour across the top. Not earth shattering or new, but it just jumped out at me and it looked really good. For accessibility colour can’t be the only thing but of course there were headers and numbers, etc. I like the use of icons too – and was reminded this week of the Noun Project.  The other thing  I observed (two) was a powerpoint slide in a presentation that had the tabs of the sections of the presentation across the top and the section being presented was highlighted. It was simple, elegant, and easy to follow. I am happy to be noticing – that’s the thing about good design, when it’s really good you almost don’t notice it.

<pI attended a FLO Friday session this week: Ideas and Inspirations to Break Out of the Online Discussion Forum Rut. There were some fun creative ideas and it was well facilitated. 

Saving this link here from Brenna: The LMS, Tech-driven pedagogy, and making bad choices too easy. It came up on my twitter feed and I want to give it some more time than the casual read so far.

Next week, I am going to clean up and add images and a bit of content to the Sampler course. I hope to make some time to work on this blog and get a few more categories in. Primarily I’ll be working on the Access/Open report. I have a list of people, or areas that I will be contacting but before I do that I am going to draft some questions – general to the report, and specific to departments/people.

So far I’m looking at four headers for access: Geographical, Physical, Financial, and Cognitive. That could change but works for me for now. I will list everything I can think of under each header with regard to the college and go from there.

I’m going to try for the three day week going forward – Tues – Thurs and we’ll see how that goes.